Weed Science Society ROC, TAIWAN




The Harmful Effect and Field Management of Mikania micrantha



2003 Conference, WSSROC


Hualien, TAIWAN



1.  Population genetic variation of Mikania species in Taiwan------ Guo-Yang TZENG, Chang-Hung CHOU

2.  Ecophysiological characteristics of Mikania micrantha H.B.K.------ Yau-Lun KUO , Tze-Yang CHEN, Chi-Wei HWANG

3.  Study on the morphological and molecular characteristics of indigenous and invasive Mikania------ Fu-Yung CHEN, Meng-Tzu LIN, and Mou-Yen CHIANG

4.  Predicting Field Emergence of the Seeds of Mikania micrantha---- Hsuan-Yen YU, Warren H.J. KUO and Yun-Ming PONG

5.  The Management and Prevention of American rope------ A-Hsing CHEN, Chi Hoi HSIAO

6.  Biological Control Of Mikania micrantha (mile-a-minute)------Tsang-Hai CHEN, Zen-Chau CHEN, Tzu-Hui WANG, Chun-Li WANG,Yung-Chun CHAO

7.  Impacts and ecology of exotic plants in Taiwan------ Mou-Yen CHIANG, Ling-Ming HSU, Chio-Ing YUAN, Fu-Yung CHEN, Yeong-Jene CHIANG

8.  Vegetative growth and chemical control of two Mikania species------ Ling-Ming HSU

9.  The Spread and Monitoring Program for Mikania micrantha in Taiwan ------ Shyh-Yuan Hwang, Yao-Haur Kuo, Jen-Jye Peng

10.Spreading and Harmful Effect of Mikania micrantha in the World------ Tien-Szu LIAO