Weed Science Society of Republic of China





  1. The Society organizes annual meeting usually at the end of each year.

  2. The Society organizes symposiums occasionally.

  3. The Society publishes the official journal, Weed Science Bulletin.

  4. The Society publishes an electronic newsletter.





Dr. Wen-Dar Huang
Associate Professor,Department of Agronomy,National Taiwan University,Taipei ,TAIWAN



Secretary General:

Dr. Zhu-Wei Yang
Associate Professor, Taoyuan District Agricultural Research and Extension station, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan, Xinwu, Taoyuan, Taiwan.

Web Master
Dr. Wen-Dar Huang

, Weed Management Laboratory, Department of Agronomy, National Taiwan University
Taipei 10617, TAIWAN




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(2016-01-17  Dr. Wen-Dar Huang has been elected to the 19th presidency of the WSSROC TAIWAN (2017-2018). 

(2013-01-20) Mr. Michael CHANG has been elected to the 17~18th presidency of the WSSROC TAIWAN (2013-2016). 

(2011-01-24) Dr. Yeong-Jene CHIANG has been elected to the 16th presidency of the WSSROC TAIWAN (2011-2012). 

(2006-11-24) Prof. Ching-Hsiang HSIEH has been elected to the 14~15th presidency of the WSSROC TAIWAN (2007-2010). 

(2006-10-27) Prominent Korean weed scientist Prof. Dr. Yong Woong Kwon is to give lecture "Challenges in Weed Science in the Green & Biotechnology Age" at the Annual Conference of the WSSROC TAIWAN, which is scheduled at 24th November 2006. Meanwhile Dr. Suk Jin Koo of the LG Life Sciences Ltd Korea is also to contribute by talking "New Herbicide Development in Korea".

(2006-10-02) The Herbicide Market in Taiwan in 2006.

(2006-08-02) To celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2007, the 21st APWSS Conference will be held in Colombo, Sri Lanka at 02-06 October next year. http://www.apwss21.lk/

(2006-07-31) Dr. Jay G. Varshney, new director of the National Research Centre for Weed Science and National Project Coordinator of All India Coordinated Research Project on Weed Control, Jabalpur, India.

(2006-06-20) Call for paper "Seventh International Workshop on Biological Control and Management of Chromolaena odorata and Mikania micrantha" press

(2006-06-10) Full articles of the Weed Science Bulletin, vol. 26 are available to download now.   

(2006-03-24) The eminent Geneticist Dr. Te-Tzu CHANG passed away on March 24th, 2006 at the age of 80.

(2006-01-31)  An international workshop on biological control and management of Chromolaena odorata and Mikania micrantha to be held at NPSUT, Taiwan in September 2006. second circulation

(2005-12-14) The Herbicide Market in Taiwan in 2004.

(2004-11-16)  Second Announcement 20th Asian - Pacific Weed Science Society Conference

(2004-09-03) The 20th Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society Conference

(2004-01-07) Anuual report 2003

(2003-12-08)  Proceeding of the conference "The Harmful Effect and Field Management of Mikania micrantha

(2003-09-12)  Annual meeting of WSSROC and conference "Damage and the Control of Mikania micrantha" are scheduled on 28th October.

(2003-09-12)  The 2003 Newsletter of the APWSS has been released: press